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3AM videos are a genre of videos made by multiple different YouTubers, including ImJayStation, Arcade Craniacs, Elisocray, and N&A Productions. They involve doing certain things at 3:00 AM, due to it being associated with the supernatural.

Why These Videos Suck

  1. The videos are literally just made as clickbait.
  2. The videos are extremely fake and poorly made, as the creatures that get summoned are usually either plushes or someone in a costume, and the potions used in some videos are usually just dollar-store drinks.
  3. The videos are made out to be scary, when in reality, they are not scary at all.
  4. The videos have a very repetitive formula:
    1. Most videos involve calling someone or something, mostly fictional characters or creatures. One YouTuber even once called the film mh:greatestmovies:Cars 3 at 3:00 AM. Yes, they "called" a film.
    2. Other videos involve ordering a potion off of the dark web, which is usually just a dollar store drink with the label ripped off, and pretending to act like whatever the potion was.
    3. Some videos involve cutting open plushes at 3:00 AM and finding random things inside.
  5. The videos are horribly acted, and the YouTubers act very obnoxious throughout.
  6. Some of the videos can be violent, even though these videos are made for kids.
  7. Most of the time, the videos make absolutely no sense, as they involve fictional characters and creatures acting evil even when they aren't evil in the first place.
  8. Many of these videos have a lot of filler scenes.
  9. The videos all have the same "OMG Doing X at 3AM (Gone Wrong)" title, which gets very repetitive.
  10. Misleading titles and thumbnails.
  11. Some videos even involve calling dead people, which is disrespecting the dead.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The videos can sometimes be creative.
  2. They can be considered so bad that they are good.

Videos with their own pages and other bad videos

  1. "Etika Ouija Board Challenge at 3AM (Gone Wrong)" by ImJayStation
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