Man Runs over Son's Xbox with SUV for Stealing

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"Man Runs over Son's Xbox with SUV for Stealing" is a controversial video by Tre Cosby.

Why It's Wretched

  1. Stealing is one thing, but as far as to punish your child as to run over his console is way too far. Cosby could have at least temporarily taken away privileges for the console by confiscating it or suppressing their internet.
  2. Depending on your view, it portrays black people very negatively, which means this video is kind of racist.
  3. At the end, when the child was crying, the camera man and Cosby assumed he was still lying.
  4. Cosby would not take criticism, as he made a video stating it was the right thing to do.[citation needed]
  5. He basically ruined his own son's career and future. Due to what many say, if you either take something away forever, what's the kid going to do? He might grow up and become like Cosby himself due to the poor parenting.
  6. It started the trend of parents destroying their kid's electronics as punishments on YouTube.


Despite having more likes than dislikes, this video spawned major controversy and received overwhelmingly negative reactions. Cosby responded to his criticism, claiming that he did the right thing.[citation needed]


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