Why Mario Is Mental

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Why Mario Is Mental
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Why Mario Is Mental
I can definitively say that Mario does not have antisocial personality disorder!
Run Time: 13:25
Type: Wretched theory video
Uploaded: October 20, 2013
Status: Public
View Count: 15,000,000.9+

Why Mario Is Mental is a two-part video series by the Game Theorists. It was uploaded to YouTube on October 20, 2013. It is narrated by MatPat.

Why It's Wretched

  1. The series for some weird reason claims that Mario is a sociopath, which is just ridiculous.
  2. In the Donkey Kong argument, MatPat claims that Mario owns the circus, even though it is never mentioned in official material if Mario actually owns the circus.
  3. While it is true that Donkey Kong Jr. could be scared and could be stressing over what will happen to his father if he fails, the look of "fear" in his sprite may just be his nose. Additionally, Mario (known as Jumpman in Donkey Kong) is not forcing Donkey Kong Jr. to do perilous stunts, but is trying to stop him from freeing his father Donkey Kong, as Mario is planning to put him in a zoo for all the trouble he caused in Donkey Kong.
  4. MatPat claims that Mario drops Yoshi into bottomless pits for extra jumps when it is more of the player's fault for doing it. Additionally, while Mario was originally going to be punching Yoshi to get him to extend his tongue, this was changed to have him point to get Yoshi to eat what is in front of him, as seen in official artwork, model animations, and the sprites, although it can be somewhat difficult to tell that he is doing this in the sprites.
  5. For the Luigi argument, MatPat overreacts when Mario is standing on Luigi's foot during Luigi's Tournament ending in Mario Power Tennis. In Mario Is Missing, MatPat said that Mario does not say anything to Luigi. Just because there is no dialogue does not mean Mario is a jerk toward Luigi. They are reasons that the Brothers do care for each other:
    1. In the PC version of Mario Is Missing, the brothers hug each other after Mario is freed from Bowser.
    2. In the Mario & Luigi games, Mario picks up Luigi whenever Luigi runs out of health. Luigi also does the same thing to Mario.
    3. In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the stargate lets Mario pass as he has a kind heart. The Baby Mario brothers pass but not adult Luigi due to his cowardice. The brothers must find the aroura block to pass for Luigi.
      • Speaking of Partners in Time, the stargate says that Mario has a kind heart. This means that Mario is a kind person and is strong evidence against this theory.
    4. In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario chooses Luigi over the treasure after Princess Lipid saves Luigi.
    5. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario congratulates Luigi by saying "That's my bro" and also says that Luigi's number one.
  6. MatPat said that there is no Mini Peach in the second part, despite it appearing in said video.
  7. MatPat uses killing cheep cheeps and wigglers as evidence for Mario being a sociopath, despite cheep cheeps and wigglers being able to hurt or kill Mario on contact. Additionally, the reasons for fighting wigglers as bosses (aside from being part of Bowser's army) are not without reason:
    1. In Super Mario 64, Mario may not have known that a wiggler was living inside of Tiny-Huge Island's mountain before he flooded it, and because boss battles cannot be escaped from, Mario had no choice but to fight the wiggler. Additionally, it should be noted that a wiggler calms down, lets Mario have the Power Star, and shrinks to smaller size upon defeat as opposed to exploding to reveal a Power Star.
    2. In Super Mario Sunshine, a wiggler is threatening the life of the unhatched Sand Bird by blocking the mirrors from reflecting sunlight on the egg in episode 2 of Gelato Beach. In the next episode, a wiggler angrily rampages on the beach, which could pose a hazard to life and property.
    3. In Mario Kart DS, Mario must race against a wiggler at GCN Mushroom Bridge in Mission Mode.
    4. In Mario Party 9, a wiggler is one of the bosses that Mario and his friends must defeat in order to save the Mini Stars.
    5. In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Popple ropes Mario and Luigi into a fight with a wiggler in Wakeport after he trespassed and talked smack to it.
    • For the cheep cheeps, there are kinds of cheep cheeps that do go after Mario like cheep chomps, spiny cheep cheeps, and deep cheeps.
  8. MatPat also says that Mario kills toads, despite the fact that they were trapped inside brick blocks among other things. The curse is only in mh:awesomegames:Super Mario Bros., and in later games, the brick blocks are normal blocks.
  9. When MatPat talks about Mario crushing goombas, he uses information about an ancient form of torture known as crushing to try to prove that Mario is mental. In real life, crushing is a slow and painful death, while crushed goombas instantly die in Mario games.
  10. After these videos, MatPat will not stop talking about this theory, as MatPat says that Mario is a psychopath in his guest appearance in React's video "YouTubers React to Racist Mario."[1]



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