Why Modern Family Guy Is a Cartoon Disgrace (How Family Guy Has Fallen from Grace)

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Why Modern Family Guy Is a Cartoon Disgrace (How Family Guy Has Fallen from Grace)
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"Why Modern Family Guy Is a Cartoon Disgrace (How Family Guy Has Fallen from Grace)"
Run Time: 43:17
Type: Bad review video
Uploaded: December 7, 2021
Status: Public
View Count: 90,000+

"Why Modern Family Guy Is a Cartoon Disgrace (How Family Guy Has Fallen from Grace)" is a video by Super DED6 Galaxy. It was uploaded to YouTube on December 7, 2021. It has over 90,000 views and has 2,000 likes. Prior to YouTube's removal of the dislike count, it had 300 dislikes.[citation needed]

Why This Review Is a Disgrace

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, Super DED6 Galaxy is very immature and overdramatic throughout the video and takes Family Guy way too seriously at times.
  2. DED6 screams way too much at times, which can get annoying very fast.
  3. He uses several songs in the video that are horrible:
    1. The intro, which is a parody of the Family Guy intro entitled "Lucky He's a Mashup Guy."
    2. During the review, he also made a really bad parody of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" entitled "You're a Mean One, Mr. Griffin," and it can be really off-sync at times. Speaking of him using deafening music, it is even louder than when he is speaking.
  4. There is a moment in the video where the 'Family Guy characters get stabbed by scissors, which can be unnecessarily cruel, especially when the scissors proceed to stab Cleveland, despite him being one of the better characters in modern Family Guy.
  5. He does not talk much about newer episodes made in the 2020s, such as "Customer of the Week." It also shows how he has not watched much of 2020s Family Guy, knowing that mh:loathsomecharacters:Meg Griffin does not get insulted or hurt as much as she used to.
    • He also considers "Road to the Multiverse" to still be modern, even though it was made back in 2009.
  6. During the video, he refers to Lois by the misogynistic slurs slut and bitch.
  7. Some bad points and moments during the video:
    1. He says that Quagmire hates Brian like it is a problem, yet he also hates Brian, thus making him sort of a hypocrite.
    2. He does not explain why Cleveland Brown is a black version of Peter Griffin, and they are not even that alike. Besides, Cleveland does not go as far as Peter does.
    3. Pointing out that Family Guy uses live-action footage sometimes, which is a very weird point seeing as how South Park has used live-action pictures in the past and they do not get hate for it. In fact, some people miss the live-action images. And besides, Family Guy does not even use live-action footage that much.
    4. He also makes a point about how some songs can be too long at times, such as "Mr. Booze," despite some Family Guy songs being great and top-notch.[clarification needed]
    5. Not to mention the scene where he puts a red filter on Peter Griffin with black eyes with Flowey's laugh for no reason at all. Does he think it is scary or something?
  8. There are hypocritical points during this critique. He did not like the Fox News anchorwomen high-def joke, but said he would rather watch Krusty the Clown in HD despite them being exactly the same, double standards much?[clarification needed]
    • He points out the fact that modern Family Guy is way too mean, despite him laughing at Brian Griffin’s death in Life of Brian, not to mention him killing some of the nicer characters with scissors, as mentioned before.
  9. He blames Seth MacFarlane for the show going on for way too long, completely ignoring the fact that MacFarlane himself wanted to end Family Guy in 2011.[1]
  10. He keeps repeating his points over and over again, like how the show is too cruel or mean.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the points being repeated over and over again by multiple critics on YouTube and other sites such as IMDb, some people may agree with him on some points, such as Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, and other characters being flanderized. He is also correct in his starter pack during the end of the video in some points, such as the overuse of unnecessary cutaway gags and many gross-out visual gags that can be a bit too far at times.
  2. It can be ironically funny at times; adding on to this point, you can consider this video to be so bad it is funny.




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